A Complete Submission-Based Back Attacks System

The ultimate attacking position in BJJ is back control. However, most people are so focused on just one attack from the back that they very often fail with it. The reason is that it is easy to defend against a single attack when you know what’s coming. with our back attacks system, you’ll keep your opponents in the dark while you’re hunting for submissions. What Is The Best BJJ DVD Instructional For Submission Hunters? Attacking an opponent while having complete control over them and being absolutely safe at the same time. This is the essence of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. However, not many positions within the art allow for all of these conditions to be fulfilled. The back mount though, or back control is one that ticks all the boxes. In fact, it is such a powerful position that virtually anyone prefers to attack from it. In … Continue reading A Complete Submission-Based Back Attacks System