Alexandre Vieira DVD – The Crucifix And Loop Choke

 Not all chokes in BJJ are created the same. Some require patience and tactics in order to set up. Others are as sneaky as they get, and they catch people by surprise. The loop choke is one of those chokes that you can hit from an inferior position and finish everyone in a heartbeat. Now, there is a perfect resource for mastering it, thanks to one of the best in the world at loop choking people to sleep. The brand new Alexandre Vieira DVD is all about Crucifix and Loop chokes. Imagine going for a fireman carry takedown on your opponent. You get it effortlessly and you manage to finish it with finesse and style. However, instead of getting past the dangerous legs once on the bottom, you decide to finish right then and there. What would be your weapon of choice? Since you already … Continue reading Alexandre Vieira DVD – The Crucifix And Loop Choke