Two Faces Of The 50/50 Guard In BJJ

 It is amazing how certain BJJ positions get completely opposing reactions in different time periods. The usual example is, of course, that of leg locks. Previously seen as a cheap move, today they’re redefining the world of grappling martial arts. There are plenty of Jiu-Jitsu positions that come in and out of “fashion” as times change. The Berimbolo is no longer a mystery, but neither is it done as often as before. One of the positions that have gotten lots of slack over the years is the 50/50 guard. Much like with leg locks, the 50/50 guard is finally getting some recognition as the dangerous position it is. Today’s big resurgence of the 50/50 guard is connected to the rise of leg locks. It predates the Danaher Death Squad system for a short period of time and was brought into the spotlights thanks to … Continue reading Two Faces Of The 50/50 Guard In BJJ