4 Knee On Belly Escapes You Need To Learn

Out of all the torturous positions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, none is more painful than knee on belly. Of course, this holds true for those occasions in which you’re on the receiving end of it. Getting the air crushed out of your body, along with the weight of an opponent on top of you is enough to break even the strongest fighter. The knee on belly position is the true showcase of BJJ power. A position from which even a 150 lbs grappler can be as heavy as a 300 lbs one while controlling a much bigger opponent. In cases when it’s the other way around, well, good luck to the smaller bottom person. Or for those that do not want luck but are after the technique, 4 high percentage knee on belly escapes to get you breathing and grappling again. Knee on the belly. The … Continue reading 4 Knee On Belly Escapes You Need To Learn