10 Obvious Reasons Why You’re still a White Belt

Table of Contents 1. Not Enough Roll Time2. Not Enough Class Time3. You Don’t Compete4. You Don’t Support Your Academy5. You Care Too Much About the Color of Your Belt6. You Use too Much Strength instead of Technique7. You Can’t Stay in one Academy8. You’re Too Predictable9. You Don’t Correct Your Obvious Mistakes10. You’re a No-GI guyConclusionRelated Articles: When will I get my Blue belt? Why Am I still a white belt? How come I didn’t get my Blue Belt on last promotion? What am I doing wrong? Does my instructor hate me? These are all the questions white belts tend to ask themselves and their instructor. Well, there are more reasons why you’re still a white belt and it’s up to YOU to fix them. Use code “FIRST15” for 15 OFF 1. Not Enough Roll Time We all know that guy. For whatever reason he … Continue reading 10 Obvious Reasons Why You’re still a White Belt