Von Flue Choke – Sneaky And Powerful Submission

 For the most time, BJJ seems very straightforward to the untrained eye. You either get the position, you apply a technique and you’ve done it or you’re on the receiving end. However, things are not that simple. Apart from the plethora of small details involved, BJJ is all about deception. Especially when two opponents are evenly matched, the one who’s more capable of making their actions and provoking responses is the one that holds the upper hand. As such, BJJ is an art full of deceptively simple and sneaky techniques. One such move is the infamous Von Flue Choke. The founder of the Von Flue choke is MMA fighter Jason “Livewire” Von Flue (14-12-1). A veteran with stints in the UFC, WEC, and Strikeforce, he came up with the choke in the octagon. He pulled off his trademark submission on the big stage, at … Continue reading Von Flue Choke – Sneaky And Powerful Submission