(VIDEO) “The Rock” Surprises UFC Fighter Sleeping on Gym Couch with a New Home: Witness the Heartwarming Reveal


He had seven dollars left in his account after his last UFC fight when he bought a ticket to return to Miami where he lives and trains.

The story of UFC welterweight fighter Themba Gorimba has recently attracted a lot of attention, but also touched many. After his second UFC appearance in the fifth month of last year, Gorimbo said that he only had seven dollars in his bank account and that he was sleeping on the couch in his gym, which aroused the sympathy of many.

One of them is the Hollywood star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. “The Rock” was very familiar with Gorimba’s story and decided on an unusual venture – he bought him a house and gave him the keys.

In the current last performance, Gorimbo fought against Takashi Sato, whom he defeated by referee’s decision, after which he said at the press conference that he has exactly the amount of money he needs for a plane ticket to Miami, where he lives and trains at the MMA Masters gym. He said then that he was grateful for the victory and that he was looking forward to returning to his family in Zimbabwe.

“The Rock” saw that and bought him a house and provided him with housing. Now Gorimbo can focus fully on training and fighting, and after Johnson handed him the key, an emotional Gorimbo said:

”I’ll tell you what I’ll do. Because I was supposed to get a house and come here and stuff, I’ll use the money to build another borehole in my village when I land in Africa.”

Johnson told him that his story touched him and handed him the keys to his new home, and you can watch the full video below:

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