An Upcoming Roberto Jimenez DVD? Stay Tuned!

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Whenever a blue belt manages to submit a black belt in competition, the grappling world takes notice. Young Roberto Jimenez is one such example. To be honest, there aren’t many who have managed to get the better of multiple black belts the way Jimenez did. he took on no less than 5 black belt competitors as a blue belt and bested each and every one of them. But that is only the beginning of his story. A marvelous run at the 2018 worlds saw him quickly replace his purple belt with a brown. All at the ripe age of 18. Still, could we also see a Roberto Jimenez DVD before the prodigy turns 19? 

I know that if I can get my hands on a Roberto Jimenez DVD I’m getting in in the blink of an eye. Well, I might need to stop blinking, if rumors are true. the recently promoted brown belt hooked up with Michael Zegna and Bernardo Faria a short while ago in Boston. And we all know what that means. Once you see people on those well known Fuji mats, you can expect a great instructional to follow not long after. But the real question is, what would a Roberto Jimenez DVD be all about? After all the young phenom is still relatively unknown.

It’s a matter of Hours when Roberto Jimenez’ DVD and Digital Instructional will be released. As soon as it’s out we’ll write a full review on it. Till then you can check HERE if it’s out.

Let’s try and figure some things out. To do that we’ll analyze some of Roberto’s earlier exploits that made people notice him. We’ll try to use all our knowledge of Roberto, to figure out what his DVD is going to be about. Unless he actually comes out with it in the meantime, in which case we’ll be the first to provide an in-depth review!

The Brown Belt Everyone’s Afraid Of

So, what makes the thought of a Roberto Jimenez DVD so attractive? Well, all it takes is just a glance at his history and his highlights and you’ll know. The teenager is grappling like a veteran grappler, and has only jsut become a brown belt! he conquered everything purple belt had to offer with apparent ease.

Roberto jimenez DVDLet’s be more precise. Roberto came out to the IBJJF Worlds in 2018 with the thought of becoming a world champion. he fulfilled his dream, not once, but two times at the same tournament. While winning both his division (purple belt, adult, heavyweight) as well as the absolute is not something that is uncommon at BJJ tournaments. However, submitting all ten opponents, from both your division and the absolute is, not something many people can boast with. Well, Roberto Jimenez can, and he did it at purple belt!

Training out of Alliance Team Gaucho, Jimenez received all his elts from his trainer and father, Raul Jimenez. This allowed the young phenom to start training very early, enrolling in a kids’ program at the age of 5. As expected, he rose through the ranks, turning into a competitor everyone was starting to fear. Now, Roberto is a brown belt, and every other male adult brown belt in the world is aware of the intensity and highly technical game Roberto Brings to the mats. It is going to be a real joy to watch him, both in future competitions and his debut Roberto Jimenez DVD instructional!

A Roberto Jimenez DVD? 

Roberto jimenez DVDSo, knowing what Roberto enjoys the most, what should we expect from a Roberto Jimenez DVD? Well, if his past efforts are anything to go by, submissions are definitely going to be at the top of the list. What is his favorite submission? Well, he did manage a lot of chokes, especially the bow and arrow at blue and purple belt. He definitely likes to stay on the back, and strangle people via lapel chokes. However, his chokes arsenal includes a lot more than just the bow and arrow. So, perhaps a submission DVD, focusing on lapel chokes?

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Perhaps the debut Roberto Jimenez DVD is going to be more positional one. After all, he does enjoy taking the back from virtually anywhere. Perhaps this would be something he’d share with the world. After all, he is known to train with Lucas Lepri and Rubens Charles “Cobrinha” on a regular basis. Both are extremely dangerous back takers and have influenced Roberto a lot.

Furthermore, there is his very technical Omoplata game, along with a variety of straight armlocks. Add to that his earlier use of triangle chokes and you can see why he’s taking the world by storm. As if all of this wasn’t enough, Roberto is also a formidable guard passer that wastes absolutely no time. The crucial aspect of his game is ho technical the young grappler is in each and every one of his matches. But will he be able to carry that knowledge over via a Roberto Jimenez DVD? Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long in order to find the answer.

It’s a matter of Hours when Roberto Jimenez’ DVD and Digital Instructional will be released. As soon as it’s out we’ll write a full review on it. Till then you can check HERE if it’s out.

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