The Lowdown On BJJ Rules For IBJJF Competitors

Hey there IBJJF competitor! I guess since you already have a few tournaments under your belt, you do not need this article. Or do you? This is a piece for both the novice competitor and the seasoned grappler too. The world of BJJ rules, even under one organization is so vast, there’s no way of explaining it without a book. Actually, there’s a book out there called the IBJJF rulebook, which usually only makes things even more complicated. Today, we’ll go over the nuts and bolts of BJJ rules fro IBJJF competition. We won’t cover everything, but we’ll try to make sense of the most basic things. That way you won’t have to be confused or yell at the referee next time something “unexplainable ” happens at a competition. The IJJF or International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation is the largest global organization in the grappling world. It … Continue reading The Lowdown On BJJ Rules For IBJJF Competitors