Top 10 Signs of a McDojo Gym

Do you like the BJJ gym you’re currently training at? Have you ever trained at a different place, in your city or while traveling? If so, did you notice obvious differences between the philosophies of other academies and yours? In the modern world of BJJ, where the art has reached the furthest corners of the Earth, it is not uncommon to witness people with dishonest intentions. While the BJJ world revolves around respect, some people are just in it for the business. Just like with big corporations, when business is the aim, the road to success is paved with exploited people. Just like in the corporate world, the BJJ community has not been spared from the McDojo Gym influence. The McDojo name is actually a very fitting one for such establishments within BJJ. These gyms operate in a different manner than your regular Jiu-Jitsu academy. Some … Continue reading Top 10 Signs of a McDojo Gym