How To Safely Practice Takedowns In BJJ

Now that leg locks are no longer the scariest technique in Jiu-Jitsu, we all needed a new culprit. Or better said an old one. Training takedowns in BJJ is usually not a priority for most people. Even those that compete a lot, tend to develop a lot more attention to the ground aspect. In that sense, we tend to look at grappling on the ground as quantum physics and training takedowns as calculus 101. Taking takedowns for granted is what makes them dangerous in BJJ. That said, they remain the number one source of really nasty, sometimes career-ending injuries in any martial art that utilizes them. Still, we most definitely need them if we’re to ever get to the ground. So, how do we proceed? The one main difference between training leg locks and takedowns in BJJ is how we train them. With leg locks, … Continue reading How To Safely Practice Takedowns In BJJ