Jiu-Jitsu Rules To Obey By When Rolling

The moment that buzzer goes of in the gym, and you slap and bump everything else seizes to exist. You’re in a situation where even the slightest of motions can have dire consequences. Well, it might have dire consequences if it were real. Instead, you’re just a part of a roll, which is how we call BJJ sparring rounds. Rolling is as close to competition level, or a real fight for that matter, as you can get in a safe manner. Unlike most other martial arts, rolling in BJJ is live training where you can do everything within the boundaries of the sport. That said, as chaotic as rolling seems, especially during scrambles, there is a certain amount of order to it. And the only way to maintain that order is through some simple Jiu-Jitsu rules. Most of them are unspoken ones, but not unimportant by any … Continue reading Jiu-Jitsu Rules To Obey By When Rolling