Reilly Bodycomb DVD – Mastering Ankle Locks REVIEW

Reilly Bodycomb is a name that is not unknown to grapplers, but it is not one of the names that Jiu-Jitsu folks know by heart. As a grappler, Reilly is highly accomplished and has a very well rounded game. The Sambo expert is a well-rounded grappler, also boasting a BJJ black belt since 2017. He comes from a Sambo / Combat Sambo background and also has vast MMA experience. It is precisely his grappling background, both with and without the Gi that makes his knowledge precious to Jiu-Jitsu. While all of his grappling knowledge, particularly that of takedowns is really deep, there’s one aspect of grappling that Reilly specializes in like few others – leg locks. In late 2018, a Reilly Bodycomb DVD named “Mastering Ankle Locks” became available and it is a mandatory instructional for anyone involved in grappling, period. ON SALE: MASTERING ANKLE LOCKS – REILLY … Continue reading Reilly Bodycomb DVD – Mastering Ankle Locks REVIEW