Ralph Gracie Attack – What Really Happened?

Table of Contents Respect In BJJ The “Ralph Gracie Attack”The PerpetratorsRalph GracieFlavio AlmeidaThe AftermathGracie Barra StatementRalph Gracie’s Legal TeamRicardo Almeida StatementRenzo Gracie StatementMarco Feitosa StatementIBJJF Official StatementWhy Did It Happen? Future Consequences The Gracies do not exactly have a reputation for a peace-loving family. No wonder how you might perceive them now, BJJ and their legacy came from violent fighting, NHB style. MMA as a whole is a direct result of the Gracies attempts to prove BJJ can overcome all other martial arts, regardless of ruleset or lack thereof. And the Gracie family members from that period is still the same scary fighters they were back then. Perhaps even scarier, in the case of some. As a couple of NYC muggers found out a few years ago, Renzo Gracie actually enjoyed their mugging attempt, twitting the whole thing live as he picked them apart. Ralph Gracie is another example of a … Continue reading Ralph Gracie Attack – What Really Happened?