Quintet 4 Results, Teams, and Highlights

Quintet 4 b-team group photo

Craig Jones Leads The B-Team to Victory

Introduction: Grappling aficionados eagerly awaited the return of Quintet 4, an electrifying team-based event that took place on September 10, 2023, at Japan’s Yokohama Arena. This highly anticipated competition brought together an elite roster of international grapplers, promising an unforgettable display of skill, strategy, and teamwork. In this comprehensive article, we’ll provide an in-depth look at Quintet 4, covering team line-ups, the unique Quintet format, and the riveting results and highlights that captivated fans worldwide.

Team Line-ups:

Kazushi Sakuraba’s Team:

  • Kazushi Sakuraba
  • Tomoshige Sera
  • Daisuke Nakamura
  • Harry Grech
  • Haisam Rida

10th Planet:

  • Richie Martinez
  • Geo Martinez
  • Amir Allam
  • PJ Barch
  • Kyle Boehm

Team Polaris:

  • Gregor Gracie
  • Owen Livesey
  • Santeri Lilius
  • Tarik Hopstock
  • Jed Hue

The B-Team Bulls:

  • Craig Jones
  • Nick Rodriguez
  • Nicky Ryan
  • Jozef Chen
  • Jay Rodriguez

The Quintet Format: Quintet introduces a captivating twist to the grappling world. Each team consists of five grapplers whose cumulative weight must fall below a predetermined limit, ensuring fairness. Before each head-to-head team battle, both sides meticulously strategize and arrange their competitors’ order. Quintet’s essence lies in submission-only bouts, where weight disparities fade into insignificance. If a competitor secures a submission, they stay on the mat to confront the next adversary from the opposing team. In cases where no submission emerges, both participants vacate the mat, allowing their respective teams to field their next challengers. Victory in a team match hinges on the squad that amasses the most submissions.

Results and Highlights: Quintet 4 unfolded with unparalleled intensity, offering a string of enthralling clashes and memorable moments. Let’s delve into the outcome of these thrilling encounters:

10th Planet vs. Sakuraba:

  • PJ Barch asserted his dominance with a rear-naked choke victory over Tomoshige Sera.
  • PJ Barch and Kazushi Sakuraba engaged in a tightly contested draw.
  • Richie Martinez vs. Haisam Rida ended in a stalemate.
  • Geo Martinez vs. Daisuke Nakamura also concluded with no clear victor.
  • Kyle Boehm and Harry Grech’s bout culminated in an equitable draw.

B-Team vs. Polaris:

  • Nick Rodriguez grappled Owen Livesey to a standstill, resulting in a draw.
  • Jay Rodriguez and Jed Hue engaged in an electrifying draw.
  • Jozef Chen vs. Tarik Hopstock ended without a decisive winner.
  • Nicky Ryan and Santeri Lilius battled to a draw.
  • Craig Jones vs. Gregor Gracie produced another thrilling draw.

10th Planet vs. B-Team:

  • Amir Allam and Jay Rodriguez couldn’t be separated, resulting in a draw.
  • PJ Barch vs. Nick Rodriguez also ended without a clear victor.
  • Craig Jones delivered an awe-inspiring performance, securing a remarkable toehold submission against Richie Martinez.
  • Craig Jones continued to shine, submitting Geo Martinez with an armbar.
  • Kyle Boehm vs. Craig Jones concluded in a hard-fought draw.

Fueled by Craig Jones’ exceptional performance, The B-Team emerged as the ultimate victors of Quintet 4, triumphing over both Team Polaris and Team 10th Planet. In the semifinals, The B-Team locked horns with Team Polaris, resulting in a deadlock across all five one-on-one encounters. Despite the absence of submissions during a grueling 40-minute bout, The B-Team’s dominance earned them a decision victory, securing their place in the team final against Team 10th Planet.


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The team final commenced with a pair of draws, setting the stage for Craig Jones to steal the spotlight. In a memorable clash, Jones executed a jaw-dropping between-the-legs toehold submission on 10th Planet’s seasoned veteran Richie “Boogeyman” Martinez. With this astounding victory, Jones remained on the mat, now facing Geo “Freakazoid” Martinez, whom he swiftly dispatched with an armbar, decisively tilting the scales in favor of The B-Team.

The fifth head-to-head bout witnessed Craig Jones facing off against ADCC veteran Kyle Boehm. Although Jones’s pace slowed in this intense battle, he persevered to secure a draw, ultimately clinching the team victory for The B-Team.

While Craig Jones took center stage, the Rodriguez brothers, Nick and Jay, also delivered remarkable performances. Nick Rodriguez, a two-time ADCC silver medalist, showcased his elite wrestling skills and body lock passing against formidable opponents Owen Livesey of Team Polaris and PJ Barch of Team 10th Planet.


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Jay Rodriguez displayed remarkable endurance and virtually impenetrable submission defense in an entertaining draw against top UK black belt Jed Hue. Furthermore, in his encounter with 10th Planet’s heavyweight Amir Allam, Rodriguez demonstrated a clinic on guard passing, effortlessly slicing through the much larger Allam’s defenses while relentlessly hunting for a submission.


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Conclusion: Quintet 4 served as a spectacular showcase of elite grappling talent and team dynamics, with Craig Jones’s heroics and The B-Team’s triumph etching unforgettable moments in Quintet history. With its distinctive format and world-class competitors, Quintet 4 showcased the art of submission grappling at its zenith, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this enthralling competition.

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