Quintet 3 – Previewing The Craziest BJJ Event In 2018

It is going to be nuts! It is going to be exciting! And it is coming to the USA and is about to explode! Ladies and gentleman grapplers, the craziest grappling tournament is about to have a third edition. And this time, it comes all the way from Tokyo to the fight capital of the world – Las Vegas. Kazushi Sakuraba’s grappling promotion, featuring the weirdest ruleset so far, is about to go global. Despite being only the third edition, the event features names that are going to excite the grappling world, to say the least. Yeah, the teams are out, and it is going to be one of the most epic Jiu-Jitsu events ever held. Get ready for Quintet 3, the first and only 5 vs 5 grappling tournament!!!

As if Vegas didn’t have enough huge things happening in October. Just 24 hours before Conor Mcgregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov face of in the octagon, grappling fans will have a great way to warm up for the fight. Quintet 3 hits vegas o October 5th! Quintet is the latest submission only promotion to enter the stage of professional Jiu-Jitsu. However, there’s something different about it. Actually, there’s a lot different about it. It is a team tournament as opposed to the usual individual ones. it also features a crazy rule set, on we’ve never seen before. Plus, all the teams involved have so far provided incredible entertainment. Now, in Quintet 3, the roster of grapplers that’ll potentially face off is unlike anything we’ve seen before!

So far, the two Quintet events took place in Japan. This is unsurprising, given that he founded is MMA and grappling legend Kazushi Sakuraba. The first sign of craziness is the fact that Sakuraba himself, at the age of 49 is still competing against high-level opposition. So far, he competed at both Quitnet events and is not about to skip the third one. Speaking of which, the No-Gi sub -only Quintet 3 event, is not only switching continents but also increasing the quality of competitors. Below, we take a look at the four teams about to battle in the first ever Quintet event on US soil!

What Is Quintet? 

Quintet 3 Line Up Seriously, if you still have to ask this questions you must’ve been living under a rock. In all fairness, the Quintet tournament is pretty new, but it is anything but unnoticeable! a grappling tournament featuring 5 vs 5 teams? It is already enough to tickle the curiosity of every grappler out there. Throw in the unusual ruleset and you have what’s about to become the most anticipated grappling event in the world!

The Quintet tournament is based on an old wrestling competition system. TI includes teams of five grapplers that goe up against each other. There are no weight classes, meaning smaller grapplers can potentially face heavyweights. The only way to win is via a submission. UNless two people submit each other, it is a draw and they’re both eliminated. if one grappler wins, though, he stays on facing the next member of the opposite team. Oh, and there are no heel hooks. And there’s also no closed guard allowed.

So far the winners of the first Quintet event were team Polaris, featuring Craig Jones, Gregor Gracie, Dan Strauss, Caol Uno, and Marcin Held. The first event also saw 11 out of 17 matches end via a submission. At Quintet 2, ti was all about team 10th Planet, led by the enigmatic Martinez brothers. There were some memorable matches and some crazy submissions as teh second event topped teh first one, according to most! Now, it is time for Quintet 3 and I, for one, am truly excited about this one!

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The Quintet 3 Line Up

Quintet 3 Trailer So far, even teh announcement of Quintet 3 has people anxious for the tournament! Polaris team, the winners of the inaugural event, and Quintet 2 victors 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu will both feature. The remaining two teams are no joke either, with one of them, named led by Sakuraba himself once again. The final team for Quintet 3 is handpicked by Uriah Faber, unsurprisingly called team Alpha Male. Which team has the best chance of victory?

Team Sakuraba

First up it is the relentless founder of teh tournament. kazushi Sakuraba might be almost 50, but he is still one very formidable grappler! So far his team got to the finals once. This time, he’ll be looking to go all the way and claim victory in his third attempt. And his teammates are no less well-rounded as grapplers! Pride and UFC legend Josh Barnett is going to look to introduce some high-level catch wrestling to the mix. Completing the team are Marcos Souza, and Roberto Satoshi Souza.

Team Polaris

Any team that features Craig Jones has probably the best odds at winning any tournament. However, when his teammates are also grapplers of the utmost quality, they turn into the clear favorite! As they already proved at the first ever Quintet event, they’re a very formidable bunch of grapplers. Energy demon Dan Strauss is also a member, bringing endless aggression and guillotines of hell to the game.  Gregor Gracie and Marcin Held are also back, with teh fifth member still to be determined. Whoever it is, they can only get scarier, right?

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Team Alpha Male 

So far, team, Alpha Male ahve only three confirmed competitors. However, it seems like there would be more than enough to take on any other team in the tournament. Led by the founder, head coach and UFC veteran Uriah Faber, they’re going to be the smallest built team at teh tournament. Given that they’re known as a gym of bantam, feather, and lightweights, this is not surprising. Supporting Uriah so far are Urijah two more UFC fighters in Dustin Akbari and Chris Holdsworth. Wonder who Uriah will ask to complete their starting five?

Team 10th Planet

Finally, Eddie bravo’s picks remain unchanged from last time out. Once again, Geo and Ritchie Martinez are the tip of the spear. Actually, Boogeyman got a memorable D’arce finish over Sakuraba, while Geo went into grappling folklore with his giant-killing submissions. PJ Barch, Amir Allam, and the guy who got the team to the finals last time, Adam Sachnoff are all back to prove they’re the undisputed champions.

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Who do you got winning Quitnet 3?