Are Pre-Workout BJJ Supplements A Good Idea?

Do you have the habit of gulping down a cup of Joe before you go to BJJ class? Maybe you prefer to get your energy from Red Bull type of drinks. or, if you’re really hardcore, perhaps you take pre-workout supplements to get you going for sparring. Whatever your choice is, you should know that some things work, while others do not. So, instead of drinking ruthless marketing, drink the stuff that’s really going to help you train better. For that purpose, today we’ll talk about pre-workout BJJ supplements and their (lack of) effectiveness. in the modern age of “nutritionists”  and countless supplement manufacturers, it is very easy to go astray. In terms of BJJ supplements, there are things that work like a charm (creatine, others that greatly help with nutrition (whey protein isolate) and those that are pure marketing. Sadly, this last group of … Continue reading Are Pre-Workout BJJ Supplements A Good Idea?