Two Easy North-South Escapes And A Cool Counter

 The only thing worse than being stuck in a really bad position in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is being utterly and completely exhausted. Now imagine that you’re stuck in one of the wort positions the port has to offer and you’re completely drained of energy as well. You might think that most positions in BJJ where you’re on the bottom fit the bill. Still, even from high-pressure positions like the mount, surviving can be a little bit easier than one specific position. Getting trapped there for the first time is going to get you tired faster than anything else you experience in grappling. Welcome to the North-South position. The, arguably, toughest position in grappling to be in and one of the hardest to escape. Are there any effective North-South escapes to consider or should you just wait for a mistake? Let’s find the answer. There is … Continue reading Two Easy North-South Escapes And A Cool Counter