The Easiest North South Choke Setup

Do you know what Marcel Garcia is famous for in Jiu-Jitsu? If your answer is guillotined, you’re not wrong. If you answered butterfly guard, once again you’re correct. Also correct are X-guard, back attacks and plenty of other moves. However, one move that Marcelo really enjoyed doing with a high success rate is not very often associated with him. Actually, the North-South Choke is not really associated with anyone. This blatant disregard for such a powerful move remains s mystery to me. that said, not everyone ignores this choke. Plenty of grapplers get it in rolling, and some even in competition. But it is not a mainstay of BJJ which makes it that more powerful and dangerous if you really get the hang of it. Personally, I was on the “North South Choke is useless” bandwagon until a couple of years ago. I gave it a try, actually, I … Continue reading The Easiest North South Choke Setup