Neil Melanson DVD Collection – A Submission Heaven

If somebody asked me to choose one coach that I’d like to go and spend some time with, surprisingly it wouldn’t be Danaher. All due respect to the Dark Lord, but there’ someone out there who has an even more brutally effective brand of BJJ. Is it BJJ though, or just simply submission grappling, optimized to the maximum? When grappling is the order, the man responsible for it can be no other than Neil Melanson. Yeah, you might not know him and that’s where part of the beauty is. He is also not a BJJ black belt. Again, it is what makes him exceptional rather than average. Well, that’s my opinion, anyway. Since I can hardly get my wish to go train with the guy, I can get the next best thing – his DVD instructionals. Luckily, Neil’s been really busy in the last year, coming out with no less … Continue reading Neil Melanson DVD Collection – A Submission Heaven