‘My Major Career Achievement’ – Demetrious Johnson on His Gold Win at IBJJF Masters Worlds

'My Major Career Achievement' – Demetrious Johnson on His Gold Win at IBJJF Masters Worlds

MMA legend Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson has triumphed in the realm of jiu-jitsu, clinching the coveted gold in the featherweight brown belt division at the prestigious IBJJF Masters Worlds.

Heralded as one of the all-time greats in MMA history, Demetrious Johnson, the reigning ONE flyweight MMA world champion and former long-reigning UFC flyweight champion, adds another illustrious feather to his cap with this recent accomplishment. However, even with a glittering array of titles and accolades adorning his career, Johnson humbly regards his victory at the Masters Worlds as one of his most cherished achievements.

In an exclusive conversation with TMZ, “Mighty Mouse” shed light on his journey through the tournament and the profound significance it holds for him.

Remarkably, it was the inspiration from his own son that motivated him to partake in this event, marking his return to the jiu-jitsu scene after a hiatus of over 18 years.

“My son approached me and said, ‘Dad, why don’t you compete alongside me?’ It struck a chord with me, and I thought, ‘You know what? You’re absolutely right. I should share this experience with you.'”

Competing side by side with his son created an indelible and cherished memory.

When probed about where this achievement stands among his vast array of career experiences, Johnson replied with humility:

“It’s among the pinnacle. When I reflect on all that I’ve achieved in my career, this stands tall… To have the opportunity to compete alongside my son in the same tournament, that’s something truly special.”

Naturally, Johnson’s extensive experience at the highest echelons of MMA greatly served him well in the grueling competition of the 38-man Masters 2 bracket.

“Undoubtedly, my mixed martial arts training provided me with a significant advantage in grappling, but showcasing my skills in a distinct domain where striking is off-limits – no punches, elbows, knees, or kicks – was a personal goal,” he elaborated. “When I think about martial arts, I strive to embody its essence. That’s the essence I’m striving for as an athlete.”


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In a surprising revelation, Johnson continues to hold the brown belt in jiu-jitsu, despite his vast experience and achievements. He expounded upon his professor’s rationale for not elevating him to the coveted black belt, emphasizing his perpetual pursuit of growth:

“My professor’s perspective on black belts, or the process of awarding belts, is rooted in potential. I acknowledge there’s still so much more to learn, and he expressed, ‘You could attain a black belt, but you haven’t mastered the essential steps required to prepare yourself for that coveted rank.’

‘You’ve just clinched a tournament victory – congratulations. Yet, the tournament is in the past. We return to the gym, advance, and persist in our journey to enhance ourselves as superior athletes and jiu-jitsu practitioners.'”


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While Johnson, who successfully defended his ONE Championship belt in May, is yet to announce his return to the cage, he has every intention of continuing his jiu-jitsu endeavors, contingent upon his schedule and the persistent specter of injuries.

He remarked, “I’ve set my sights on the upcoming IBJJF Open in California. The future remains uncertain, but one thing is definite – I’m gearing up for another tournament.”

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