The Art Of Linking BJJ Submissions Together

 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is high-level problem solving under extreme stress. For me, Joe Rogan nailed it with this definition. What need to be understood is that this goes both ways. Durig a BJJ roll or a march, both partners are trying to solve a puzzle. One is looking at the problem defensively, while the other is looking to attack. Conversely, one needs to break through the opponent’s defense, and the other to escape and turn the tables. In attacking terms, BJJ submissions are the best way to finish a match, obviously. However, getting them against resisting opponents is no walk in the park. BJJ is a game of imposing your will on a resisting opponent’s body. To do so you must find a way to break their resistance in order to apply a technique. An opponent who is stronger or more technical, even when caught in … Continue reading The Art Of Linking BJJ Submissions Together