Leg Locks – The Ultimate Guide to Positions & Submissions

Table of Contents Leg Locks Safety TipsThe SubmissionsAnkle LocksToe HoldsKneebarsCalf SlicersHeel HooksThe PositionsAshi GaramiOutside Ashi411Sambo Knot50/50The TruckPutting It All Together Let’s get the obvious out of the way straight off the bat. John Danaher is arguably the best leg locks coach in the world. His Danaher Death Squad is the most fearsome group of lower limb submission artists on the No-Gi scene. Okay, now that we stated the obvious, let’s look at what matters. Leg locks are definitely powerful submissions, but they’re no longer the one submission to rule them all. As people wise up to them, there are certain patterns that start appearing. When people follow these patterns, they start to understand the leg lock game. These patterns are exactly what we’re going to focus on today. Use code “FIRST15” for 15 OFF Despite the seemingly unaffected state of traditional Jiu-Jitsu, there’s no denying that … Continue reading Leg Locks – The Ultimate Guide to Positions & Submissions