Leg Locker Diaries: 6 Entries To Ashi Garami

Do you consider yourself to be a modern-day leg locker? IF you do, it must mean you’re truly a master of the Ashi Garami from each and every aspect. You know what to look for in the position, you know all the variation and transitions between them. You also know how to enter the position from a variety of other positions. And, of course, most importantly, you know how to keep your opponent there until you secure a lock. Or, is it the other way around? Do you hunt for the lock first and the Ashi Garami second? Let’s see what makes a modern leg locker truly dangerous and how you can also evolve into one. Today, leg locks are spreading like wildfire through the grappling community. Even the most die-hard, Gi only old school BJJ athletes had to recognize that leg locks work. Or, more precisely, … Continue reading Leg Locker Diaries: 6 Entries To Ashi Garami