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As much as John Danaher kept things to himself for the past couple of decades, he is now more than making up for it. So far, in less than a year’s time, he managed to record an incredible 6 part DVD instructional series. Each part of his “Enter The System” series revolves around a key move or position that gave birth to a complete system. So far, we’re waiting on the release of the final installment – the Armbar series. The fact that Danaher covered all his No-Gi systems in around 60 hours of material means we’re probably set for life. However, much to the joy of the entire BJJ community, Danaher is far from done. His next project is going to be a bit different, though – a John Danaher Gi DVD instructional. 

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While many might find a Danaher Gi DVD instructional a bit strange, the fact is that he is as accomplished in the Gi as he is without it. The main thing that separates John Danaher from others is how he teaches. Whether it is his mind, his scientific approach or something else, he is an unbelievable teacher. In fact, he is arguably the best Jiu-Jitsu teacher alive today. In those terms, he most definitely deserves the title of Professor. I dare you to watch over a couple of hours of any of his work and come out with at least a fundamental understanding of what Danaher was talking about. And that was in No-Gi. Expect a lot more details and invisible Jiu-Jitsu in his upcoming Gi instructional(s). I guess Danaher decided it is time to change the world of Gi Jiu-Jitsu as well.

John Danaher In The Gi 

As a Renzo Gracie black belt, John Danaher is more than experienced in the Gi. His love of No-Gi, and inherently, rashguards, usually paints him as a No-Gi only guy. Yet, the New Zealander is so much more than that.

John Danaher Gi DVD Instructional
John Danaher Bow And Arrow Choke

As a teacher, John came to the forefront thanks to Renzo Gracie’s MMA duties. Back when he was setting Pride alight, Renzo did not have time to fully dedicate to his academy in NYC. Instead, the mantle of instructor came down to Matt Serra. Since Matt was also an important part of Renzo’s team, and later an MMA fighter himself, this meant he couldn’t get to also teach every class. Their solution was John Danaher. Since he was already on the mats for a better portion of the day, he got the nod to start teaching. This was back when John was a purple belt.

Meticulous as he is, John took his new responsibility very seriously. One might argue that he even took it too seriously. Lucky for us. Since e was never going to compete much with the array of injuries he collected over the years, John dedicated himself to teaching. He approached it with the same passion and dedication that kept him on the mats all day every day. Not surprisingly, his efforts transformed him into one of the most sought after coaches of today.

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This also meant that covering the classes in the whole academy made him great at everything. No-Gi classes, Gi classes, fundamental classes, competition preparation, kids classes. You name it, and John has a system for it. Now, it is time to learn the secrets of the Gi via the upcoming John Danaher Gi DVD instructional.

A New Legendary Series In The Making? 

The unique way in which he approaches Jiu-Jitsu is what makes him different than others. With his No-Gi series, his goal was to make people think differently, rather than just repeat moves. As far as some people are concerned, he was definitely successful. For others, he provided a much-needed source of basic techniques that’ll allow people to understand BJJ later on.

There’s no reason to believe that the upcoming John Danaher Gi DVD instructional is going to be much different from the ‘Enter The System” series. Technical and conceptual Gi and No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu differences aside, we expect core fundamentals once again. In that sense, Danaher is probably going to cover the goals of training in the Gi, the central problems we face and subsequent solutions. His solutions usually come as ideas on how to achieve your goals by solving the central problems. Something similar to this Danaher-specific approach is bound to be at the very foundations of his Gi system, dubbed “Go Further Faster”.

As far as subjects of his upcoming instructionals go, Danaher revealed them to be the fundamentals of Gi BJJ. And by fundamentals, I mean really digging into how the Gi changes the whole complexity of the grappling game compared to No-Gi. As always, we expect a compete for series to come out. Knowing how big Danaher is on systems, we also expect him to outline the fundamental systems that work with the highest percentage. Subsequently, during the following year or so, the hope is that we’ll get another multi-piece system that’ll transform the way we perceive Gi Jiu-Jitsu.

A Preview Of Go Further Faster” – The Danaher Gi DVD Instructional Series

The first of a, hopefully long, John Danaher Gi DVD Instructional series is already in the works. By now all the material is in the production phase as all the recording is complete. Still, given that the “Enter the System: Armbars” DVD is not out yet, we still have to wait for the Gi series. In that sense, we can let our imagination roam on what he’s going to cover. What we know for certain is how Danaher is going to structure his upcoming Gi instructionals.

John Danaher Gi DVD Instructional
John Danaher Gi Technique
Upper Body Takedowns by adam wheeler
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So far, Danaher has a system for delivering digital information, much like for everything else he does. What we know is that he favors 8 part series, with each volume about an hours length. While some may be slightly shorter, there’s always a volume or two that runs nearer to the 2-hour mark. All in all, around 10 hours of material per DVD set is Danaher’s norm for now.

As far as material and delivery are concerned, Danahar has proven to be extremely versatile. So far, he provided contents specifically tailored to the subject he is covering. For example, he included narrated rolls in his Kimura series. We expect much of the same in the upcoming Gi series, with each set being inherently original and unique. Watch this space closely, as well be the first to provide you with an in-depth review and analysis of the finished product as soon as the first John Danaher GI DVD Instructional comes out.

As soon as John Danaher’s BEW DVD/DIGITAL instructional with GI is online we’ll write a full review on it. Don’t forget to check if it’s up HERE.