John Danaher’s Ashi Garami System Of Leg Locks

Ever since EBI hit the ground running, the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu underwent a major change. For one, the No-Gi scene started really taking off. Furthermore, a new and, in my opinion, improved ruleset got to see the light of day. However, nothing got more attention the apparent lack of leg lock knowledge among the competing grapplers. Renzo Gracie Academy coach John Danaher showcased his Jiu-Jitsu brilliance with the help of his top students. For me, it was that iconic Gary Tonon vs. Eddie Cummings match at EBI 3. The pair of teammates went respectfully, but aggressively, at each other, relentlessly hunting submissions along the way. It was then and there that I realized that I had absolutely no knowledge of what these people were doing. Hence, my interest in their Ashi Garami leg lock system was born. My discovery of leg locks closely coincided with … Continue reading John Danaher’s Ashi Garami System Of Leg Locks