Joe Rogan Kettlebell Workout For Grappling And MMA

There’s hardly a grappler alive that doesn’t listen to the Joe Rogan podcast. Rogan is the voice of martial artists in the entertainment business, and especially that of grapplers. After all, he is a 10th planet Jiu-Jitsu black belt by both Eddie Bravo and Jean Jacques Machado. The charismatic UFC commentator is also a big fan of strength and conditioning on top of martial arts. He leads a really healthy lifestyle that includes squeaky clean nutrition and grueling conditioning sessions. And, if there is one tool Joe praises above all others, it is the kettlebell. So, we managed to discover what a Joe Rogan kettlebell workout looks like and we bring it here for you to try!  Conditioning for martial arts was originally nothing more than guesswork. Through the years, and thanks to MMA and high-level grappling, it slowly evolved into a real science. However, … Continue reading Joe Rogan Kettlebell Workout For Grappling And MMA