Jiu-Jitsu Regain Your Health and Refresh Your Mind

Did you know that GOOGLE enabled its employees to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJhereinafter), or introduced the BJJ as the ideal means of recreation? I agreed that BJJ has everything that their employees need. Considering that Google is one of the largest and the strongest in the world in terms of software technology, it is obvious that many of their employees spend time just for a computer. You can assume what kind of position. In addition, the live communication was minimized, as the face-to- face communication was replaced by a virtual company. As each major company is in the best interest of the health of its employees (the health of the world health organization is perfect for the harmony of the physical, psychological, social and material condition), the more healthier and happier the workers will be, the more productive. The first is followed by a … Continue reading Jiu-Jitsu Regain Your Health and Refresh Your Mind