Half Guard Sweeps: Lockdown Masterclass

The half guard is one of the top positions to stay safe while having attacking options in BJJ. It is a closed guard of sorts, but one that has much more to offer than the full guard. No wonder there are so many variations of the half guard out there. Half guard sweeps are among the highest percentage sweeps in the sport of Jiu-Jitsu. Despite also offering direct submission option, half guard sweeps are the best thing to go for from the position. Any half guard variation you choose has a sweep or a whole series of them attached to it. One of the best spots to hunt for a top position is definitely the Lockdown half guard. Today, we’ll run a masterclass of how to sweep from it in every direction, both with and without the Gi.  Does playing more than one half guard offer … Continue reading Half Guard Sweeps: Lockdown Masterclass