The Complete Guide To Intermittent Fasting For BJJ

The main thing people that train to compete for aim to get form their nutrition is energy and weight reduction. Since BJJ is a weight-classes sport, it is normal that weight cutting is a big part of it. As such, during competition season, grapplers like to stay within reach of their goal weight. Furthermore, they like to have the energy to train and eat in a way that doesn’t have them standing over the stove for hours. What if I told you that all of this was possible? Not only that, but you can top it all off by eating really healthy as well. It is not a diet that can help you achieve this, but a protocol. Let’s look into intermittent fasting For BJJ and all the benefits it offers.  Out of the hundreds of diets, both regular ones and athlete-specific, I’ve probably tried about 70 % of them. From … Continue reading The Complete Guide To Intermittent Fasting For BJJ