Can Ginastica Natural Help Your BJJ Conditioning

When people get involved with BJJ, they start to look for strength and conditioning methods very soon after. For the regular Joe, training grappling for the sake of it, strength and conditioning can help stay injury free and with a sufficient gas tank to roll. For professionals, conditioning is a large and very important part of the puzzle. That said, where most people, amateurs and professionals alike go wrong is the choice of methods. Standing on a Pilates ball with weighted clubs and swinging like a scarecrow is certainly not specific for grappling. Going too specific is also not enough, despite what Marcelo Garcia might claim. So, should you lift weights, do gymnastics, run, swim or do Yoga? Or simply do more BJJ? Well there’s an option out there that combines most of these. have you ever given Ginastica natural a try? Just after Conor … Continue reading Can Ginastica Natural Help Your BJJ Conditioning