The Fastest BJJ Conditioning System – Hurricane Training

The moment you start training grappling, you realize how out of shape you actually are. it doesn’t matter if you can run decathlons, once you get to the ground you’ll be drowning in minutes. There’s hardly any other sport out there that taxes the body as much as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. And that’s just in training. Your first competition is going to be a lesson I intensity by itself. This raises the question, what can people do to get in the best shape for BJJ? The answer is obvious – train specific conditioning. However, fitting that in with grappling training can backfire in a spectacular fashion. That said, there are some BJJ conditioning tools that have been proven to work flawlessly. The main trouble with BJJ conditioning is burnout. it sie really easy to overdo things, especially if you’re doing multiple sessions a week on top of grappling … Continue reading The Fastest BJJ Conditioning System – Hurricane Training