Everyday Porrada, Nutella BJJ – What Does It All Mean?

 Just like any other sport, BJJ is prone to certain streams of thought and inside “movements”. While they might not be movements per se, they’re certainly trends. Sometimes, these trends tend to develop into mainstays, redefining the world of Jiu-Jitsu,.On other occasions, they come and go, sometimes making a boom and sometimes completely unnoticed. One of those trends that recently got worldwide grappling attention is the concept of everyday porrada. What exactly does this mean, and why is it such a big deal lately? Let’s look at some of the facts behind yet another fun and probably completely unnecessary BJJ trend.  Whether you choose to ignore or accept it, everyday porrada is a term most people involved in BJJ have heard at one point or another during the past year. It is another one in the line of stuff that seems to spread like wildfire. One … Continue reading Everyday Porrada, Nutella BJJ – What Does It All Mean?