Eddie Cummings DVD – Ashi Garami Seminar

Okay, 2018 is officially the craziest year in BJJ. We saw championships change hands, we saw the rise of new promising promotions like Quintet and we saw a boatload of DVDs we never thought would come out! First, Craig Jones came out with a masterpiece on leg locks and went on to release content on all his favorite moves. The biggest bang of them all was the release of the long-awaited John Danaher leg locks instructional. Not only did it come out, but did so twice, due to technical difficulties. Now, as we await Danaher’s back takes masterclass something else popped up out of the blue. It is an Ashi Garami Seminar, coming to us in the format of an Eddie Cummings DVD! Yes, the Wolverine, just like his mentor, has finally produced a BJJ video instructional! My personal exposure to leg locks apart from a visiting … Continue reading Eddie Cummings DVD – Ashi Garami Seminar