Dana White Confirms: Here’s when and where we’ll watch the fight between Miocic and Jones!

Miocic vs Jones Fight - Dana White Confirms Date and Location

Right after Jon Jones made his debut in the heavyweight division in a phenomenal way by defeating Ciryl Gane by “submission” in the first round, it was clear that Stipe Miocic was his next opponent. The biggest heavyweight in UFC history against what many consider the best fighter ever is every fan’s dream, and it will soon come true.

Stipe has been saying for several months that he wants to fight in the seventh month of this year, but it seems that the UFC has no such plans. Tonight, Dana White revealed at a press conference that they intend to organize the fight between Stipe and Jones in the eleventh month in New York, at Madison Square Garden:

“As far as I know everything is fine for now and we will have a fight between Jones and Stipe soon. We would like to do it then,” he briefly answered the question about the date and location.

Afterward, he was asked about Jones’ future in the UFC:

”Everything about it is overblown, and that’s what you do. I say something, and you overdo it. I just said that everything is leading up to that fight and everything else about Jones. Then he just disappeared. I have no idea what Stipe said, but it turned into a f***ing drama. There is no drama here. So yeah, I think Jones is coming back. He didn’t disappear. It’s so damn easy to create drama in this sport. It’s crazy,” added Dana.

What Dana was referring to was Stipe’s statement that Jones had run away and was not reporting for the fight. But the good news is that Jones hasn’t gone anywhere but is getting ready to fight the biggest heavyweight in UFC history.

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