Craig Jones BJJ – From Zero To Hero

Did you watch the latest edition of ADCC? How about Eddie Bravo Invitational 14? If so, could you point what both events had in common? Let me help you a little bit –  it’s a highly impressive and very unexpected performance. Let me help you even further – it’s not Gordon Ryan. All props to him, as he was in both of those BJJ events and did admirably. Ryan, however, was not the underdog. The person that came from seemingly nowhere and took the BJJ world by surprise is Craig Jones. Ok, in all fairness, Craig Jones was not a complete unknown. After all, he did fight at the ADCC, didn’t he? But he is a fairly new BJJ sensation, on that first caught attention at EBI 11- The welterweight. As are most things Australian, the humble looking grappler is a dangerous and extremely lethal predator. But, … Continue reading Craig Jones BJJ – From Zero To Hero