BJJ Belt System – Everything From Grading To Tying

Table of Contents Background Of The Jiu-Jitsu Belt SystemJiu-Jitsu Belts System BJJ Belt SystemBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu Belt For KidsThe Adult BJJ Belt SystemBlack belt And BeyondBelt Promotion CeremonyWhat about You and your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belt?Focus On What Truly Matters When should BJJ Competitors go for higher Belt?Shopping For A BJJ BeltTying The BJJ KnotRelated Articles: Are you aware of the history of BJJ belt system? Do you know how to properly tie your Jiu-Jitsu belt? How about buying the best BJJ belt for you? What about your belt and your progress in BJJ? What should you focus on? And of course, the answer to the always burning question, should you wash your BJJ belt? The answers to all these questions as well as plenty more are included in the following article. So, dig right in! Unlike many other martial arts, BJJ takes a very long time to master. So much so, that by the time a … Continue reading BJJ Belt System – Everything From Grading To Tying