The BJJ Z-Guard and Why Is It So Popular?

The BJJ Z-Guard is arguably the most famous guard variation used today. People of all levels are playing it and everyone seems to be having success with it. The position as such is nothing revolutionary, but it seems that it is more effective against the modern game than virtually any other. What is that the BJJ Z-Guard offers exactly, to be so superior? How come this so basic knee shield half guard works in both GI and No-Gi? ISn’t it too simple to work at the highest level? We’ll answer all these questions today, and get to the bottom of the reason the Z-guard is such a popular jIu-Jitsu guard nowadays.  When it comes to playing guard in BJJ, people simply love to overcomplicate things. On top of that, everyone wants to be just as effective from every guard position there is. Suffice to say, … Continue reading The BJJ Z-Guard and Why Is It So Popular?