BJJ Warm up Issues And How To Fix Them

Everyone who has ever been to a BJJ class can tell you that it is fun! Well, ok, maybe not at first, but after a couple of months it hooks most people. To be honest, what’s not to like? You get to meet people, learn useful techniques and try rolling them out. Usually, it is the rolling part that people really like and enjoy. There is also one part of a standard BJJ class that people seem to despise. Warranted or not, the warm up seems to be the least liked part of the class. Most academies adhere to a common structure during practice. After the initial line up and a greeting, class starts off with a warm up. After the warm up, it’s time for the technical part of the class. Once the technique has been demonstrated and drilled, some schools tend to go … Continue reading BJJ Warm up Issues And How To Fix Them