Competition Tips To Prepare For BJJ Tournaments

Most martial arts have one big thing in common – they’re very focused on competition. With the exception of Aikido and a few more, martial arts are highly competitive sports that require extensive preparations. Grappling martial arts are arguably second in difficulty only to MMA in terms of competition. As such, there are plenty of aspects to prepare for, when you’\re looking to go on a competitive run. BJJ tournaments are usually denser during one part of the year, meaning you’ll have plenty of competition opportunities in a small period of time. Correct preparation is going to make all the difference BJJ tournaments are notoriously difficult competition affairs. First of all, unlike striking martial arts, or even other grappling arts, you spend most of the match in constant engagement with an opponent. From the moment grip-fighting begins on the feet, you’re most likely going to stay in contact … Continue reading Competition Tips To Prepare For BJJ Tournaments