Becoming An Unstoppable BJJ Submission Hunter

Submission only tournaments, IBJJF tournaments, rolling, drilling, training technique. the one thing they all have in common is that submissions are the sweet reward in the BJJ pinata. Getting a submission right in any one of these aspects of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the nirvana all grapplers chase. However, just like with the spiritual nirvana, submissions prove to be a very fleeting and hard thing to accomplish. So, how doe it seem so easy for all those black belts we regularly see on the big scene? Yeah, ok, they train and have been training for long. I know, you also train a lot. However, even if you spend a couple of decades in BJJ, you won’t become good at submissions without one key quality. You need the mindset of a submission hunter! Let’s not kid ourselves, we’re all in BJJ because of the submissions. yes it’s therapy, yes it changes … Continue reading Becoming An Unstoppable BJJ Submission Hunter