Easy BJJ Recovery – Joe DeFranco’s Limber 11 Routine

Getting the best out of your body for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu requires maintenance. The trouble with maintenance is that it is time-consuming and not really fun. Tell me one recovery method that you’ve stuck with for longer than a month without getting bored? Unless you’re injured, you most likely give up on most things you try as BJJ recovery tools. You’re not short of options, nor the information on how to do it nowadays, that’s for sure. So, apart from all that recovery thing is really boring and long, there’s not a legitimate reason for you skipping it over.  What if I told you that there’s a routine out there that’ll take no more than 20 minutes for you to finish? it is proven to work, anyone can do it, there’s no learning curve of the moves, and it takes basic equipment that you already have at your disposal. Plus, … Continue reading Easy BJJ Recovery – Joe DeFranco’s Limber 11 Routine