BJJ Recipes: Pancakes For An Easier Weight Cut

Losing fat has never been tastier! Weight cutting is the plague of weight-class based sports, and BJJ is no different. Actually, cutting weight for grappling tends to be more difficult, due to same day weigh-ins. This means that you can’t really re-hydrate yourself. nor can you get fuel to help you with your upcoming 5-10 matches. Now imagine that you can use a classic comfort food to both stays sane while cutting weight, and even provide fuel on match day. Are you imagining it? Well, you can stop, because we have the answer. As far as BJJ recipes go, pancakes that help with fat loss are definitely right on top of the list. Weight cutting is a hard thing to do, both physically and mentally. It’s enough that you’re about to step on the mats against people equally motivated to crush and submit you as … Continue reading BJJ Recipes: Pancakes For An Easier Weight Cut