BJJ Motivation: Why Do you Train Jiu-Jitsu?

Whatever we do in life, we have a reason behind it. When that reason is doing something we must, rather than we wan,t we’re not really going to do our best, are we? Imagine going to a job you don’t really enjoy and you’ll know exactly what I mean. When you’re motivated to do something, though, you can’t get enough of it. In Jiu-Jitsu, this is usually not a problem, as the sport is so addictive and fun people can’t wait to get to the gym. However, at certain points, even the most dedicated grapplers struggle with their BJJ motivation. The solution is easy, though. BJJ motivation is not a simple thing. In fact, it in every possible aspect of the word. When it comes to BJJ motivation, you need to be motivated to train, motivated to compete, motivated to teach, etc. That’s a lot … Continue reading BJJ Motivation: Why Do you Train Jiu-Jitsu?