BJJ Mats 101: Buying, Setting Up And Cleaning

Do you know what is the thing that keeps a BJJ academy running? Most likely, you’ll get several different answers to this question. Most of them will be correct, however, you won’t find the answer we’re looking for today among them. That answer is BJJ mats. Imagine having to train without mats. That is not going to be a pleasant experience, to put it mildly. Well, the role of the mats doesn’t just stop there. Apart from making BJJ training possible, they’re also important in hygiene, safety, and even appearances. Tо that extent, today we’ll cover everything you need to know about buying, setting up and cleaning BJJ mats, whether it is a tan academy or at home. We do take BJJ mats for granted, until such time as they start giving way. This s inevitable and even the best of the best will require … Continue reading BJJ Mats 101: Buying, Setting Up And Cleaning