BJJ Injury Prevention Manual – How To Break The Cycle

If you’ve been training BJJ for longer than a year and you wake up one day and nothing hurts, then you’re most likely dead. As far as sentiments go that describe how BJJ feels, this one nails it on the spot. Of course, injuries are an unavoidable part of every sport, especially competitive ones. Also, martial arts that include sparring then to be high er on the list than most other sports. And BJJ ranks quite high on the injury-laden martial arts list in itself. It is to be expected, honestly, from an art that manipulates joints from a weird position in order to cause pain and discomfort. Grappling injuries might be unavoidable altogether, but you certainly can look to minimize their occurrence. As such, BJJ injury prevention should be in your focus, rather than recovery. BJJ injury prevention is all about being smart when you … Continue reading BJJ Injury Prevention Manual – How To Break The Cycle