BJJ Biceps Slicer Submission – Legal And Dangerous!

Slicers, whether they’re on the biceps or calf, are very nasty submission holds that are not completely legal in BJJ. Still, after achieving a certain level they become available and offer great variability in attack. AS such, people tend to use the calf slicer more nowadays, but the biceps slicer is still somewhat of an afterthought at best. Those that know it understands its potential, but for some reason, it doesn’t find its way into the arsenal of many top-level grapplers. The biceps slicer is one of those submissions that got forgotten for a bit, making it a prime candidate for a huge comeback! With today’s setups and mechanical details, you’ll be able to slap it on lighting fast and surprise everyone! Let’s start slicing. Submissions involving trauma to the muscles are not something we see often in Jiu–Jitsu. Granted, chokes are undisputed as the … Continue reading BJJ Biceps Slicer Submission – Legal And Dangerous!