BJJ Belt Skipping: Justified Or Disrespectful?

This is one post I bet is going to spark some controversy. One reason for that is the nature of the subject – BJJ belt promotion. Moreover, there are bound to be people reading this that are on different sides of the story. As such, please feel free to give us your thoughts on the subject. As for know, I’ll share my two cents on the subject of BJJ belt skipping, how most BJJ people see it and whether or not it is fair, or disrespectful. Speaking of which, we’ll take a look at the belt system of BJJ and ask a very important question – is it still as relevant as it once was? BJJ belts are the utmost source of pride for grapplers. It doesn’t matter how many submissions you get in a roll, or how many medals you win. Those are certainly … Continue reading BJJ Belt Skipping: Justified Or Disrespectful?