Best Jiu-Jitsu Books of 2019 – Complete Guide

In today’s world, learning is a very multifaceted activity. Classes are, of course, the absolute best way of learning. There’s no substitute for going to regular class. The structure of class means you get to learn new stuff, try them out and then engage in sparring with multiple different opponents. In addition, there are also open mats, private lessons, DVDs and YouTube videos and online forums. However, there’s one learning tool that is just as important as all of the above, yet people today seem to have forgotten about it. BJJ books play an ever-important role in the development of grapplers, which is why we shouldn’t shy away. Unlike real-time classes, live sparring, and video instructionals, the best Jiu-Jitsu Books bring something completely different to the table.  While you can’t actually learn martial arts from books, you can learn a lot about them. BJJ books provide … Continue reading Best Jiu-Jitsu Books of 2019 – Complete Guide