The Best Fat Loss Conditioning Exercises For Jiu-Jitsu

Table of Contents The Mechanism Behind Fat LossThe Best Fat Loss Exercises For Grappling ConditioningTechnical Stand-UpsAligator CrawlsRolling Chair SitsBridgingThe Shoot & Sprawl DrillGranby RollsDeck SquatsRelated Articles: Being lean is not just a physique goal. For grapplers, leanness translates to better performance, better weight management, and improved overall health. It affects how you work on the mats and how you feel of them. So, fat loss is an important thing for BJJ athletes due to multiple reasons. As such, the key factor in shedding some fat is predominantly nutrition. That said, exercise does play a key part of its own in a grappler’s fat loss quest. In terms of physical activity, though not all exercises are right for both fat loss and BJJ performance. Additional conditioning is something people that train and compete in grappling take for granted nowadays. A good conditioning plan should be a part of … Continue reading The Best Fat Loss Conditioning Exercises For Jiu-Jitsu